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Note: So, this article is a little late. I started to write it in December, but due to a busy schedule (which is still busy; already neck-deep in my first project of 2012) this article isn’t written as well as I’d have liked nor is it as insightful as the first. So keep in mind [...]

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Majority of my 2011 year seems to have been spent face-deep in creating video games. For anyone who has followed me over the years, it’s sort of an odd direction for me to be going, especially since I tend to classify myself as a web designer first. It’s also probably very confusing for potential employers/clients [...]

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So, in my post recapping the first six months of the year, I mentioned upcoming projects to come. LPA4.5 launched on schedule in July, and earlier this month I released a new game, “Linkin Park: The Teapot Chapters”. This was a minor detour in my work schedule simply because I needed a break from the [...]

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This is an important year for me. After trying to survive as a freelance designer the last couple years, it’s becoming increasingly difficult. It’s come to the point I have to begin rethinking things. So, I’ve decided to give it one last shot and dedicate 2011 strictly to my work, and if this ends up [...]

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So with my second game about to make its way to the public (Sasquatch Runs) I wanted to take some time to address some things as well as the future for Keaton Hashimoto Games. First, as I said in my last post, Sasquatch Runs will be the second and last game created using the same [...]

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Looking forward to Sasquatch Runs? Didn’t even know I was working on something called Sasquatch Runs? Wondering what happened to Pocketnauts? What about the future of LPAMAN? Well you presumably had questions, and luckily I have answers! Sasquatch Runs, my second game, is almost completed. The only thing left I have to work on is [...]

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If, for whatever reason you STILL haven’t played LPAMAN & The Missing Phoenix, or gave up on it a couple levels in, you probably missed out on some pretty cool tunes. The soundtrack was composed specifically for the game, featuring three unique songs for each world and cutscene-specific music as well. Fear not, if the [...]

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Click here to download my Wretches & Kings mix Today, I’ve released a new re-mix for Linkin Park’s Wretches & Kings. This mix is particularly interesting for a lot of reasons, most being technical, but the most obvious is the instrumentation itself. I’d be willing to wager that since having my mix for Linkin Park’s [...]

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Looking back, I wouldn’t be surprised if people visited my blog, saw the post count, the last couple posts especially, and just decided to never come back. It’s weird that anytime I’ve tried to come back and blog on a consistent basis my schedule would blow up and suddenly I’d have no time to jot [...]

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Bioshock felt like a complete story. Jack was just a guy who found the underwater city of Rapture and by game’s end the seemingly largest tyrants that remained there were defeated. Then it’s assumed the city would fade away with time, allowing the imprisoned Little Sisters to live their lives in the wake of your [...]