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This is the story of a magical piece of paper who one day is gifted with a pair of gloves. He must use those mysterious gloves to fight against an evil-yet-dapper villain trying to take over the world! Getting to this mustachioed evil-doer won’t be easy though! Our hero must first fight through a slew [...]

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I’m sure a lot of you are excited for the release of MANvsGAME: WARP ZONE! this Friday (May 4,2012), but with it comes a lot of fixes that affect It’s Show Time! as well! Here’s the changelog for the MANvsGAME fan game, version 1.2. Note: It contains some spoilers for It’s Show Time!: – Addition [...]

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Click here to download my Wretches & Kings mix Today, I’ve released a new re-mix for Linkin Park’s Wretches & Kings. This mix is particularly interesting for a lot of reasons, most being technical, but the most obvious is the instrumentation itself. I’d be willing to wager that since having my mix for Linkin Park’s [...]