Announcing New Project: The Band
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I’m excited to announce a new side project that I’m hoping to build into something more after its release. It’s called The Band. What is The Band exactly? At its core, The Band is a game that aims to focus on the tougher realities and hardships of being a small-time band trying to make it on the road. What makes The Band different and unique is the fact the player molds the story based on events as they occur. Much like real life, no two stories are the same, and The Band makes sure to keep that in mind from start to finish.

The Band is a touring simulator with “roguelike” elements. Players will have to keep band members happy and healthy, keep track of food and gas consumption, and maintain their tour vehicle and instruments. All while trying to actually make it as a band. Much like real life touring, a lot of time is spent on the road, but when the band hits a festival or bar, it’s time to rock out! Just make sure the crowd aren’t too drunk to notice! It’s not all seriousness business though. While a good majority of the game tries to remain realistic, there’s a fun side that comes with the random nature of how it plays. Nothing I’m willing to spoil just yet, but players will encounter some pretty crazy situations.

The name of the game is “random”. Everything is random. From the amount of food and gas it takes to survive to the crowds the band plays for, even down to the comfort of the hotels. Just as nothing in life is ever certain, where The Band eventually ends up may not be where the player imagines . Because of such a grand number of random factors, no two experiences should ever be exactly the same. This means some players will encounter situations and events others haven’t, encouraging multiple playthroughs.

As I said, I hope to build this into something much more than what it is at release. When I say that, I don’t mean the game is launching broken or missing features. The first version of the game will test the waters to see if the idea is worth pursuing in full. As a game creator, The Band is entirely new ground and I’m excited to see how its received by the general public. Currently the plan is to release a basic version packed with content, but if it finds some support out there, I would love to release an updated, “full” version featuring a much more in-depth experience and providing even more content, additions and features. But all that will be dealt with in good time. The reason for this decision is because the game is so far outside my comfort zone, fully committing to the project is difficult at the moment.

There will be more information to come as the game gets closer to a solid release date. For now I hope you’ll join me in spreading the word! Tweet about it and/or let your Facebook friends know, especially if they’re music fans! Much like any band out there, the future of this game rests on the support of good people such as yourselves.

Gas up and get ready to ROCK THE WORLD!

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