New Game Announcement: MANVENTURES!
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I have been teasing the announcement of this game on Twitter for almost two months. In that time it’s gone through one major redesign, a name change, and several story/content/feature tweaks. But finally, after many hours of developmental madness, it is finally at a point where I feel confident describing this ball of insanity that is my next game.

It’s called… MANVENTURES!

First, to put any assumptions to rest, no this is not a follow up to any of the MANvsGAME fan games I’ve made in the past. However, if you enjoyed the weird humor and nature of the content featured in those games, you’ll probably enjoy this one!

Manventures follows the brotastic duo of Dude and Bro. They are in the business of being “Dudebros”. No one knows what that means. One day, Dude and Bro are confronted by their arch-rivals The “Brodudes”. After a few harsh words are spoken, Team Dudebro decide to track down the headquarters of Team Brodudes and put an end to them forever! Then things get weird… weirder. What begins on the mean streets of Brohio is soon escalated into a fight throughout eight crazy locations.

There’s a good reason I’ve waited this long to even begin talking about Manventures and that’s because there’s a ton of content and features packed into this game. My first and main concern was to make sure it all worked and would be 100% within my capabilities before promising anything. Most of those areas have finally been covered and so now I can finally talk about them! Because there is so much I want to cover, to hopefully keep things as short as possible, most notable features will be broken down into bullet points. Things could change in the future regarding some of these features, but most of them have already been finalized as part of the game’s core. Before I get into the features though, a brief gameplay overview:

Manventures is a 2D side-scrolling action-platformer where players will use an array of guns and/or melee weapons to dispatch their enemies. Using the literal remains of fallen foes, players will be able to purchase new weapons and clothes for Team Dudebro, introducing new and even weirder ways to play the game.

Article continues on page two… “Now, on to the good stuff…”

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