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CRY: A game based off the character named Cry, created by a guy who goes by the name Cry. At least, I think the character’s name is Cry. It gets confusing. I’ll explain later. Anyway, if you’ve been following me on Twitter, I mentioned taking a break from working on Handy McBeatemup to work on a smaller project. Today, I’m happy to announce that project is a game called CRY and at the time of this writing, it’s ~90% completed with sound/music still needing completion as well as gameplay balancing. CRY should be released very soon.

CRY is an arena type game where the objective of each level is to destroy a certain amount of enemies, or die trying. It’s kind of like a 2D side scrolling version of Smash TV. There are six levels: A tutorial level, four levels that slowly introduce you to the enemy types, and an Endless mode, only fit for the hardest of hardcore! Players will be able to take down their foes with a list of weapons ranging from a Batarang to a throwing axe and a few extra surprises, which are all bought using in-game currency earned by completing levels. There are also ten achievements that can be unlocked, some of which will require some skill.

The game will be free, of course.

This project got its start on a rough Saturday. Not feeling up to working on Handy McBeatemup (after spending hours on the finer details of the project and working on the engine), I sat down to Cry’s live stream, and eventually started doodling pixel art of the Cry character for no real reason other than to amuse myself. Like a bad habit, I started drawing frames of the Cry character running, and eventually I had several doodles of Cry in different platforming states. Because I can’t seem to ever stop working on something, I loaded them into an older version of my engine and a game concept was born.

For those unfamiliar, Cry is a YouTube personality best known for his Let’s Plays and readings, usually of the horror/thriller genres. The most interesting aspect of Cry’s presence is that outside of his YouTube and live stream, he doesn’t seem to exist. In fact, while researching to see if the CRY game would even be possible, it almost didn’t happen until I accidentally stumbled upon his Tumblr, which is not directly linked to any of his other accounts. He really values his privacy, and in the age of social networking, that’s extremely rare. It’s admirable that despite his continuously growing popularity, not only does he remain loyal to his convictions regarding his anonymity, but his attitude seems largely unchanged from his humble beginnings.

From what I can gather, in response to needing some type of visual to accompany his voice, Cry did a quick doodle which would result in the Cry mascot: an armless creature with a large head, a single hair, beady eyes and a mouth. It’s simple, but Cry’s fan base has continued to interpret and reinterpret the Cry design ever since. Some of Cry’s fan art has evolved beyond the no-armed-creature and instead depicts him as a skinny man with brown hair wearing the Cry character’s face as a mask. Despite my efforts, I still have no idea if this was just the accepted template for fan interpretations or if Cry himself actually confirmed the validity of the resemblance. Either way, to this day fans continue to produce artwork featuring the Cry mascot which have been showcased on a Deviantart fan hub and Cry’s own Tumblr. Also, some refer to Cry’s mascot as the “Sup Guy”, most likely because the character’s often been drawn with a speech bubble saying “Sup.”? The ambiguity of the Cry character is sometimes frustrating. On a somewhat related note… Cry has some scary-overzealous fans.

CRY is not a traditional fan game compared to my previous endeavors. Though I have a past with fan games for the band Linkin Park and popular broadcaster MANvsGAME, CRY is different. The primary difference being it’s not as referential as my previous games. Usually my fan games tend to be stuffed with a lot of references, and if you’ve seen MANvsGAME play It’s Show Time! or WARP ZONE!, sometimes they get really, really obscure. Regardless, due to the ambiguity and overall lack of substantial (confirmed) content to go on, CRY currently exists as a creative interpretation of the character, rather than a celebration of the creator. Though I think in this case, Cry wouldn’t mind.

CRY was heavily inspired by Cry’s “The Numbers”: a video series he started to celebrate subscriber milestones. The game also takes a couple cues from postings on Cry’s Tumblr and games he’s played in the past.

The game is also different in that it’s meant to be basic and easy. My games have almost become synonymous with “hard”… or, “I will kill you, Keaton!” difficulties. To make the most of what little content I had to work with, creating a game that was easily accessible was important. I want players to experience all that there is to experience with the current game without being discouraged by a high learning curve. It’s something I learned watching MANvsGAME play through WARP ZONE! (Seriously, MAN missed so many of the cooler levels!). Also, though players may find the first five levels of CRY to be too easy, Endless mode will undoubtedly challenge even the best players with its constantly escalating difficulty. That’s not to say there isn’t a lot of content either. There’s a lot of stuff to unlock and purchase in-game and if it finds an audience, I am not against adding more in the future either. For free. Of course.

As I said, the game is almost completed and in due time I will update the project site with more details and images before ultimately posting a download link. For now, if you’d like to help spread the word, I would greatly appreciate it. I’m not even sure exactly how to get in contact with Cry (the man) and I’m sure a YouTube message would get lost in the shuffle. I am actually interested to see how people will react to this game. It’s arguably as long as MANvsGAME: It’s Show Time! though nowhere near as difficult, and I’m excited to see if I can make these smaller games while continuing to work on bigger projects like Handy McBeatemup.

I’m also considering a short animated prologue to explain some of the items and characters featured in CRY, but I’m not sure I’ll have the time or energy to produce it. We’ll see!

Until then, if you’d like to stay up to date with the latest regarding CRY’s development and release, be sure to follow me on Twitter. It’s honestly a lot easier and quicker to drop a tweet than it is a blog post these days. Hope you guys enjoy it when it’s finally released!

Thanks for reading.

Cry on YouTube
CRY project page (Long link | Short link)

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