First Look: Handy McBeatemup
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This is the story of a magical piece of paper who one day is gifted with a pair of gloves. He must use those mysterious gloves to fight against an evil-yet-dapper villain trying to take over the world! Getting to this mustachioed evil-doer won’t be easy though! Our hero must first fight through a slew of minions who were created from the forgotten and abandoned artistic works of a different time. This is the story of an unlikely hero. This is the story of Handy McBeatemup!

Handy McBeatemup is technically my third original game, but it’ll actually be my eighth game since I started back in 2009/2010.

This game in particular is a special case. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m finally confident enough with my abilities to attempt to sell my games. Coincidentally, Valve have recently announced Steam Greenlight. If you’re unfamiliar with the project, long story short: Steam Greenlight allows the community to decide on which games get to make it to the Steam Store, which for the longest time was all done internally by Valve. If you’re unfamiliar with Steam and the Steam Store, well, they’ve done wonders for independent developers and are arguably the largest PC gaming distributor out there today.

So, what is Handy McBeatemup, you ask? It’s a 2D side-scrolling beat ‘em up with a twist. It features RPG elements in the form of powerful elemental abilities that can be coupled with player’s combos to extend them and deal more damage to enemies. The more an elemental glove power is used, the more experience is earned, which unlock higher attack tiers that deal even more damage and devastation! There’s also assist items that will boosts health, glove power and/or attack damage. This will allow players to mix-and-match creating multiple ways to play through and beat up enemies! It doesn’t stop there though. I also plan to add a New Game+ feature, and each time players beat the game not only will it get tougher, but it’ll also unlock unique, special glove powers! I’m hoping to also add an old-school local multiplayer option as an homage to the 90′s, but it’ll depend on how the rest of the game turns out first.

Does that sound great? Are you out of breath just thinking about it? Well prepare to be floored because there’s MORE! The 2D side scrolling aspect is where most of the action will take place, however players will be able to navigate between levels/sections through a top-down JRPG style overworld. The overworld is inhabited with its own enemies which can be defeated for experience/items, and certain glove powers/assists will allow you access to new, hidden locations on the overworld map.

I should note that at the time of writing this article, I’m still far from being finished. There’s still a lot that could change between now and the final product. While I hope to be able to live up to these promises and provide huge bang for a little buck, it’ll all depend on how things turn out in the future. It’s an extremely ambitious project and I will probably be flying solo for the entire thing.

The control system for Handy McBeatemup has been greatly improved. I’ve listened to all the feedback and one of the more popular complaints I’ve received had to do with how my games handled controlling characters, especially with MANvsGAME: WARP ZONE!. So I’ve gone back and completely redone the system to make sure you have absolute control over what you do. Control is important in a beat ‘em up, so it was my first priority. I’ve switched from key press events/state events to a more professional finite state machine system. It’s somewhat complicated to explain, but the important thing to note here is this should eliminate input drops and lag that sometimes occur in my older games. In theory, at least. I’m also hoping to use this new system with the enemy AI to create something more dynamic than what I’ve had in the past, but only time will tell if that ends up working out.

As I said, this is quite an ambitious project but it’s one I know I can pull off. One thing I’m proud of is providing players with a ton of things to do. And those were free games I made in my spare time! I do intend to include a lot of content that extends the game’s replay value and if I ever make it to the Steam Store, assuming I have control over the pricing, it would be very reasonable. As far as post-release content support, I’m not sure how Steam works per se. Details on the technical requirements for Greenlight games are currently pretty scarce. If I can provide DLC or free updates that add new content, I just might do that as well. Right now I’m merely speaking from a hypothetical mentality and I need to get the game finished first! I’ll probably revisit this much later down the road.

So with that said, I hope you guys will support this project! These projects take a lot of time and effort, especially as an independent venture, so please don’t hesitate to spread the word. It’s support from people like you that keep us going and doing what we love! It may sound silly but it’s the best way to spread awareness, especially for people like myself who can’t sell our work on our own. I’m no hype man so all I can really do is present information and hope people like it.

Thanks for reading and thanks to those of you who have continued to support me and these insanely ambitious projects over the last couple years. I hope you’re all just as excited as I am!

I’m not very good at wording my work into coherent articles, but if you guys would like me to continue writing them, I’ll try. I wanted to cover my concerns regarding how people may take the art style and content of Handy McBeatemup’s story given it’s inspired by a time period heavily associated with racism, but I guess that may be a subject for a future article?

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