MANvsGAME Fan Game 1.2 Changelog & New Info!
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I’m sure a lot of you are excited for the release of MANvsGAME: WARP ZONE! this Friday (May 4,2012), but with it comes a lot of fixes that affect It’s Show Time! as well! Here’s the changelog for the MANvsGAME fan game, version 1.2. Note: It contains some spoilers for It’s Show Time!:

- Addition of new expansion “MANvsGAME: WARP ZONE!”: You will be able to choose between It’s Show Time! and WARP ZONE! at the start. You will still have to close and reopen the game to switch games. This is due to the different ways the games were built. Hint: If you’ve completed It’s Show Time! 100%, be sure to have your save file ready. You’ll automatically unlock one of the characters in WARP ZONE! from the start!

- Window glitch fixed: Window sizes will no longer reset upon completion of a game.

- Escape button: No longer will the Escape button close the game (in general). Not only has the button been re-purposed for WARP ZONE!, but it also means no accidental closes can occur. The only way to close the game outside of the game itself is to use the close button.

- SPOILER: Tawny’s hair color in It’s Show Time! has finally been fixed.

For those of you generous enough to have read this far, here’s some new info regarding WARP ZONE! and things to look out for: To avoid colliding with the possible MENsday this Friday, WARP ZONE! will be released a little earlier than May 4th. Stay tuned to my Twitter (@KeatonHashimoto) to see when it goes live. Along with new MAN references, there are also references to other broadcasters in the game. The final (Dark) level in the game is called “Soul Crusher” and is entirely optional (meaning there are no unlockables attached to it). I call Danny B.’s special move the “Meat Balloons”. Tee hee.

Thanks for reading and I hope you all enjoy MANvsGAME: WARP ZONE!

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