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If you haven’t noticed by now, a new version of has gone live featuring updated content and a new design/structure. The redesign does not include my music, games, or blog sub-sites. When and if I have time later this year I plan to redesign/restructure them, but nothing is official at this time. The previous blue-themed design was meant to be temporary while I redid some behind-the-scenes work, but I was really, really busy last year. There were countless upgrades, rebuilding from scratch and constant implementation of new techniques. Long story short, in the end, I pretty much trashed all that progress and instead went for a “less-is-more” approach.

The new site uses a lot of the latest in CSS3 techniques that allow me to present my work in new ways while hopefully providing visitors with an easy-to-use interface. The most prominent new feature is the departure from a fixed design width to a sleeker “responsive” design, which means, for the most part, the content will shift, re-size and change positioning automatically to fit your browser properly. This should be easy to recognize on just about any medium-to-large resolution. Mobile devices and smaller screens are an exception. More on that in a second.

If you’ve viewed the site and seen some odd behavior (e.g. images being cut off, large blank spaces), I’ll be addressing those concerns in a second. First, a little background.

The new design isn’t perfect. I have no problem admitting that it isn’t perfect either. Truth is I really don’t like the “responsive design” practice as a whole and this is more of an experiment. In my opinion, responsive design is ridiculously tedious and in most cases, really hampers creative design. While I’m not advocating bizarre, off-the-wall content presentation, having to create something that is meant for an HD 1080p monitor, but also works on a small, 3-5 inch screen (or vice-versa) is really annoying and pointless. It’s like trying to shove 50 cardboard boxes into a space that can only hold 15. It’s bulky and unnecessary, yet web designers everywhere are being forced to implement these practices to accommodate mobile phones and touch tablets. It feels like a step back in terms of progressing with technological advancements.

As the site is now, it will (or should) work properly 99% of the time. However, if you’re viewing the site on an iPad, an iPhone or on a monitor display smaller than 1024 pixels, expect the site to throw up a warning. This was intentional. Without going into too many details, my site is just not meant to be viewed on small displays. It’s loaded with high-resolution content that celebrates visual quality, and often utilizes the latest in web standards. Nowadays most mobile software can live up to some of the standards, but they don’t always possess the proper amount of CPU/memory to properly handle the content load. With that said, I’ll probably go back in the future and fix some of the issues, so don’t worry too much. If you’re on a medium-to-large display and you’re getting odd behavior, re-size your browser a bit and it should automatically fix itself. If you’re viewing the site on a humongous display like, 3000xYou’reCrazy, I have not been able to test the site on such huge resolutions so you may also experience some odd behavior.

So with that, I hope you guys enjoy the new and dig the new design over the old one. I hope that with everything finally in place I can start updating it more frequently. There will be future content that makes the best use of the new design, so be sure to stay tuned! Speaking of which, if you are looking for new content, the best place to get a peek at new and upcoming release details/previews is to follow me on Twitter. I enjoy the real-time feedback I often get from posting updates to Twitter (versus a blog, for example), so I’ll more than likely continue to do it. So yeah, if you’re not already following me on Twitter, I highly suggest you do. Between the nerdy game rants, you’ll probably learn about a lot of cool new stuff coming up before it’s even on the site!

Until next time, thanks for visiting!

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