Game Projects Update – February: Future of the MANvsGAME Fan Game, New Game, Steam Distribution, & More!
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As mentioned previously, 2012 started much better than anticipated with the unexpectedly positive reception of MANvsGAME: It’s Show Time!, and as such, I’ve been trying to figure out what to do ever since. In all honesty, this year was meant to focus on finding a regular, more stable job that would provide steadier income. But like most people, it would be a dream to do something I love for a living instead. So while I still intend to try and work on these projects throughout the year, I still stress the importance of support to help keep them alive. Because I do everything solo and on a zero-dollar budget, support keeps morale up and also helps determine whether or not the projects are worth the time and effort. Letting friends, family, co-workers and maybe even press know I’ve got things cooking would go a long way. No pressure though. Wink wink.

Anyway, let’s not drag this down with too much negativity and get to what really matters: the updates!

MANvsGAME: It’s Show Time:

First update, probably the reason most of you are reading this: Will there be any new content for the MANvsGAME fan game this year? Yes, there will be! As long as I’m happy with the end result, there will be new MANvsGAME: It’s Show Time! (MvG: IST) content sometime later this year. If you’re not aware of it by now, MvG: IST was recently updated to v1.1.0, which included a new mini-game and a few behind-the-scenes fixes. One of these fixes modified the save system to prepare it for future additional content. In other words, I have every intention of bringing MANkind new content for the fan game. It’s going to take some time though; right now it’s still in the planning stages. It’s an ambitious idea and I want it to feel like a true expansion. If MAN ends up having some really memorable moments this year (and I can fit them into the game properly), you can probably expect minor additions. The main focus however will be the expansion. I would love to create a nice expansion that extends the longevity of the MANvsGAME fan game. There will be another minor update soon in which I fix an unlockable character’s hair color. No ETA on that update just yet, but I assure you it’s coming. I have also heard some fans’ requests to put the game on Steam. I will address this later in this article.

Tim The Magician:

I’ve just finished the planning stages for my next original game. The game is tentatively titled “Tim the Magician”. I’m not going to reveal too many details just yet, but it’s an ambitious project and one I would love to actually sell. Indeed, I am creating this game with the intention of submitting it to Steam or another service for distribution. (Again, more on this in a second.) The game will feature all original content including an art style loosely inspired by Sylvain Chomet’s movies (namely Triplets of Belleville and The Illusionist) as well as original music, which will also be sold for anyone interested in owning the soundtrack. Again, the planning stage just ended but I’ve already begun work on the mechanics, so expect more details later this year. I hope to bring the same charm and quirkiness exhibited in my previous games to “Tim the Magician” with a nice little twist on game play.

Article continues on page two… “Steam/distribution & more updates”

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